Headshot for Wine Town Rollers Grapes of Wrath Photo Credit Brandy Pellegrino

Trying to use my time on earth to matter for eternity as a Christian, mom, wife, daughter, friend and woman. My season of Roller Derby has shown me a few things that has challenged my walk with Christ, and I want to leave what God has shown me for others. Thus, this blog where I share about my latest derby journey and thoughts that might end up in a Daily Derby Devotional book I am writing.

Truth be told…I want to leave a legacy to give my children hope & faith in God, as He gave me them, my greatest gifts. My son is Surfing SandWaves…and so am I💜 

Below is my Travel Team schedule for 2017, I play with the Grapes of Wrath for Wine Town Rollers. My home team is Margarita Hot Sprints. #ibleedgreen