Spiritual Agility

Recently I went from a 62mm wheel to a 59mm wheel. The smaller wheel allows for quicker, more agile movements where the larger wheel gives more speed. 

So, as I was switching back into my smaller wheels I was also doing my Bible reading and took a picture. I love the look of God’s word next to my skates. Growing up in the church, most pictures of Gods Word, or Bible studies are always full of flowers, pretty colors, sunshine…yada yada yada. But the Bible is not all sunshine and roses. It’s to use in battle, to build God’s power into our lives and use it. And…to make us more spiritual agile. To learn how to respond to temptation quickly and effectively. To recognize the Spirit, and to move with the Spirit. Yes, the Bible brings comfort and praise, but it also is the key to working out the power in Christ…the power he healed with, the power to walk on water, and the power that raised him from the dead! I just don’t get that when I see a picture of a Bible laying in a bed of flowers…but next to my skates that have taken a beating, and are worn and torn, but new wheels, ready to hit the track once again, more agile…now that gets me excited about reading God’s Word!

Here’s some BASIC INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE LEAVING EARTH “BIBLE” stuff to work out on:)

“Because you have satisfied me, God , I promise to do everything you say. I beg you from the bottom of my heart: smile, be gracious to me just as you promised. When I took a long, careful look at your ways, I got my feet back on the trail you blazed. I was up at once, didn’t drag my feet, was quick to follow your orders. The wicked hemmed me in—there was no way out— but not for a minute did I forget your plan for me. I get up in the middle of the night to thank you; your decisions are so right, so true—I can’t wait till morning! I’m a friend and companion of all who fear you, of those committed to living by your rules. Your love, God , fills the earth! Train me to live by your counsel.”

Psalm 119:57‭-‬64 MSG


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