Make a way for others

God works through people and he uses us for His good. I love this as a blocker…to make a way for our jammer to get points! In roller derby, blockers play both defense and offense and can switch back and forth faster then you can say roller derby. Derby is a fast game which requires quick thinking and quick feet. Most of the time I focus on defense, keeping the other jammer from getting thru our blockers (called the pack) and scoring on us. But when that jammer does get thru we all quickly look to see if our jammer needs help/offense. Here is a captured few seconds of what that looks like play by play:

My jammer has just been knocked down so I hold my place next to the opposing blocker near her while she gets up…

I hold back the opposing blocker and take the hit for my jammer allowing her to squeeze by me…

I keep holding the opposing blocker while my jammer (star on her helmet) gets free!

Jammer is my teammate Alaskan Thundra. Photo Credit: David Webb

Here is why I love blocking so much. We can’t always be the one to go on that mission trip, or preach from the pulpit, or visit the sick in the hospital…but we can help to make ways for those who do. Such as giving, donating, and tithing. And it won’t necessarily feel good either! Neither did taking that hit for my jammer. But, our actions to feed the hungry, give water to the thirsty, a hug to the lonely are ways for God to “get thru.” Does he need you making a way for Him? Can God reach others without you? Does a jammer always need her blocker, can she get thru without you? Well, I think the better question is…why are you playing? To stand on the track and watch the chaos around you and get called off the track cause you aren’t playing? Or would you rather play and feel the excitement when you do. The rewards, the bruises, the falls and the high fives. That’s why God wants to use us, he knows life is better if we participate. The blockers aren’t the ones with the star…but that’s not our focus. We know the star needs and wants us so they can score points for all of us, our team. Doing life with Christ puts you in a team…His team. Let’s make a way for Christ to get thru to others!

And now a song/video to inspire you by my son, Surfing SandWaves 💙Tell the World


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